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Local Church.
Fundamental Baptist Youth Clubs.

Owned and administrated by the Bay View Baptist Church of Washington, Illinois, King's Kids International Baptist Mission is a servant to sister independent Baptist churches and not a supervisor.  Each local church is free to adapt our materials to their own needs.

While U.S. churches purchase our materials at nominal costs, these same materials are provided to independent, Baptist, church planting American missionaries around the world at no charge.  This has been our policy since the mid 70's.

Thousands of fundamental Baptist churches have turned to King's Kids programs to meet their needs.  Their clubs number as small as five children and as large as 500!  The programs work equally well in all sized groups.

Pastor Keith Thibo, Founder of King's Kids International Baptist Mission, has pastored the Bay View Baptist Church of Washington, Illinois since 1985.  His graduate work was done in the fields of Christian education.  He is the author of both the King's Kids Club and TRAC curriculums.

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