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Thousands of fundamental Baptist churches have turned to King's Kids programs to meet their needs.  Their clubs number as small as five children and as large as 500! The programs work equally well in all sized groups.

Before you can begin ordering any of our materials, you must be a member of King’s Kids.  You can become a member by ordering one or all of the starter kits of our three different youth clubs.  We believe that King’s Kids International Baptist Mission, as a ministry of Bay View Baptist Church, is a servant to sister churches and not a supervisor.  Therefore we offer our printed materials without “charter” to independent, fundamental, Baptist churches of like faith and practice.

We would love for you to see how our youth clubs could be a great benefit to your ministry in many different ways!  We believe that there is no better way of discovering the benefit of our youth clubs than by reviewing our materials in hand and trying them out for a few weeks. We welcome you to try one or all of our clubs for a money-back guarantee 30 day trial.  If, for some reason, you would choose to return the kits, you must do so within 30 days and the materials must be in brand new condition.

Thank you so much for considering our King’s Kids materials!

The costs for each kit are as follows:

Flyers Club (ages 4 – 5) $60.00

King’s Kids Club (1st – 6th grades) $185.00

TRAC Club (teenagers) $50.00

The Flyers and King’s Kids starter kits each include everything that you will need to operate a club indefinitely. Also included in these kits are some samples of optional, helpful materials that may be purchased through this site.


The TRAC kit includes everything to get started including sample teaching syllabus. Additional teaching materials and promotional items for TRAC may be purchased through this site. Unlike Flyers and King’s Kids, our TRAC materials are copyrighted and may not be duplicated without our express consent.

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